About Us

Sapientia Law Group was formed by a group of experienced lawyers from “big firms” to small, who independently arrived at one conclusion: The old law firm model is broken; there has to be a better way. This sentiment was not confined simply to the age-old criticism of billable hours, but extended to traditional firm infrastructures, value systems, compensation models, and an inability to achieve meaningful diversity. Rather than simply observe this problem, Sapientia Law Group was created to take action, and to offer a better solution for our clients. Our name means “wisdom” in Latin, and our actions put wisdom in flight.

Core Values

Listen to Clients
Client satisfaction is what drives us. Every aspect of our business, from workflow processes to employee recognition, is based on our desire to exceed client expectations.
Unique Rewards Structure

Provide Adaptable Billing Options
We offer a variety of billing options, so you can control costs and rest assured that we’re working efficiently and effectively on your behalf.
Adaptable Billing

Deliver Results
Clients entrust their legal matters to us time and time again because of the results we have obtained. Sapientia’s attorneys have a track record of success—from summary judgment, trial verdicts, and successful appeals, to favorable settlements in complex matters.
Collaborative Results

Build Strength Through Diversity
Instead of talking about diversity, we live it. Our minority-owned, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group shares a common belief that our strength lies in our differences.
Diversity at Sapientia

Make a Difference
We are excellent lawyers, but we strive to be excellent people as well. Through our work we seek opportunities to extend our reach beyond the legal profession. We assist non-profit organizations, provide the disadvantaged with access to legal services, and take an active role in enhancing our community.

Have Fun
We have fun and celebrate success. Our work is hard and requires perseverance to succeed, but we understand that fun leads to more productive, energetic, creative, and motivated people doing clients’ work. As a result, our professionals love what they do, where they do it, and who they do it with. We’re proud of our fun, because it’s a key ingredient to Sapientia’s and its clients’ success.

Adaptable Billing Structures

We always offer alternative billing options to clients at the beginning of representation so the client can decide what makes the most business sense for any given situation. Our fee arrangements provide clients with budget certainty, flexibility, discretion, and shared risk with their attorneys. We don’t pass firm overhead costs on to clients. And we provide clients with rebates for prompt payment.

At Sapientia, we want our attorneys’ energies focused on getting great results, not on meeting billable requirements. We also expect our attorneys to work efficiently and cost-effectively. In other words: Work smarter, not longer.

We financially reward and recognize our attorneys for efficiency, sound case management, and the results achieved. As a result, our adaptable billing structures allow clients’ interests to align with their attorneys’ interests. Not novel, but unusual.



Collaborative Results

At Sapientia, we believe the whole is greater — and wiser — than its individual parts. In fact, internal collaboration and brainstorming are encouraged, applauded and rewarded. We even have special community space dedicated to this purpose.

Not only do our adaptable billing structures provide you with flexibility and cost certainty, they also liberate our attorneys to practice law the way they want. As a result, you get the benefit of our collective experience and knowledge.

What’s more, collectively we’ve:

  • Won dozens of jury/bench trials and arbitrations
  • Obtained numerous summary judgment rulings for clients
  • Won state and federal court appeals
  • Negotiated stellar settlements
  • Closed multi-million dollar transactions
  • Lobbied and successfully impacted state laws
  • Provided security and comfort through thoughtful estate and legacy planning
  • Provided executives and individuals with professional coaching leading to higher-level performance

In other words, we deliver.

Diverse Culture & Experiences

At Sapientia, we don’t spend time talking about diversity or forming committees to focus on it. We live it. Our minority-owned, multi-ethnic multi-cultural professional corporation includes attorneys with African American, Asian American, Caucasian, Latino and Native American roots.  We are a proud member of the Midwest Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC), and we have the distinction of being certified as a “Minority Business Enterprise” by the MMSDC.  We are also a member of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice.

Sapientia was vetted and admitted into the prestigious National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firm (NAMWOLF) in 2014.  NAMWOLF is a trade association comprised of a select group of preeminent minority and women owned law firms and other interested corporations throughout the U.S.  Among other things, law firm membership into NAMWOLF requires national certification regarding ownership, management, and control status,  favorable corporate client references by Fortune 500 companies, excellence in quality of law practiced, Martindale-Hubbell AV® Preeminent Peer Review ratings, practice liability insurance, more than three attorneys, and adherence to NAMWOLF’s core values.  In September 2018, Sapientia was honored as NAMWOLF’s “2018 MVP Law Firm” based on its contributions to NAMWOLF and its members, as well as its contributions and promotion of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.  Sapientia was recently honored with the Diversity & Inclusion 2019 Award from Minnesota Lawyer.

Our professional experiences are equally as diverse. Whether we’ve practiced law as solo practitioners, big firm attorneys, or in-house counsel, we all share a common vision and commitment to:

  • Supporting and broadening diversity within our group.
  • Implementing policies and strategies that support women and minorities in the workplace.

Our strength lies in our differences. We understand this and we honor it.

Unique Reward Structures

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

At Sapientia, client satisfaction matters. So, instead of rewarding the attorney who boasts the most billable hours, we gather your feedback on our attorneys’ performance and responsiveness, as well as on the fee arrangements they offer, and compensate them accordingly. 

This standard applies to all of our attorneys, from the most junior to the most senior team member. As a result, our interests align with yours, creating a true partnership between you and your attorney.

Sapientia also distinguishes itself by fostering, achieving, and rewarding true teamwork. We want clients to benefit from the collective wisdom of our team without seeing (and paying for) every attorney’s time on the bill. To do that, we have created a unique office space, internal accounting of “team time,” a conducive culture, and a direct financial package tied to these efforts.

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