Core Values

Listen to Clients
Client satisfaction is what drives us. Every aspect of our business, from workflow processes to employee recognition, is based on our desire to exceed client expectations.
Unique Rewards Structure

Provide Adaptable Billing Options
We offer a variety of billing options, so you can control costs and rest assured that we’re working efficiently and effectively on your behalf.
Adaptable Billing

Deliver Results
Clients entrust their legal matters to us time and time again because of the results we have obtained. Sapientia’s attorneys have a track record of success—from summary judgment, trial verdicts, and successful appeals, to favorable settlements in complex matters.
Collaborative Results

Build Strength Through Diversity
Instead of talking about diversity, we live it. Our minority-owned, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group shares a common belief that our strength lies in our differences.
Diversity at Sapientia

Make a Difference
We are excellent lawyers, but we strive to be excellent people as well. Through our work we seek opportunities to extend our reach beyond the legal profession. We assist non-profit organizations, provide the disadvantaged with access to legal services, and take an active role in enhancing our community.

Have Fun
We have fun and celebrate success. Our work is hard and requires perseverance to succeed, but we understand that fun leads to more productive, energetic, creative, and motivated people doing clients’ work. As a result, our professionals love what they do, where they do it, and who they do it with. We’re proud of our fun, because it’s a key ingredient to Sapientia’s and its clients’ success.