Unique Reward Structures

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

At Sapientia, client satisfaction matters. So, instead of rewarding the attorney who boasts the most billable hours, we gather your feedback on our attorneys’ performance and responsiveness, as well as on the fee arrangements they offer, and compensate them accordingly. 

This standard applies to all of our attorneys, from the most junior to the most senior team member. As a result, our interests align with yours, creating a true partnership between you and your attorney.

Sapientia also distinguishes itself by fostering, achieving, and rewarding true teamwork. We want clients to benefit from the collective wisdom of our team without seeing (and paying for) every attorney’s time on the bill. To do that, we have created a unique office space, internal accounting of “team time,” a conducive culture, and a direct financial package tied to these efforts.