Sapientia Law Group Celebrates First Year Anniversary and Announces the Creation of Innovation Advisory Board

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Sapientia Law Group is celebrating its inaugural year of operation with an Open House on March 1st, 2012, and is pleased to announce the creation of an Innovation Advisory Board.  The advisory board is an elite group of business leaders, in-house counsel, and community innovators.  A rarity in the legal industry, Sapientia (pronounced “say-PEN-chee‑a”) developed this advisory board of clients and non-clients to seek input and advice regarding progressive business practices from outside of the legal industry.

“Law firms have been slow to employ fresh approaches to the business of law because of internal constraints and a general lack of need to try something different.  We hope to tap into the innovative approaches of successful businesses and apply them to our legal practice to add value to our services,” said Sapientia attorney, Jeff Brown.

The members of Sapientia’s Innovation Advisory Board are:
Tom Bock, President, Bock & Associates
Jason Booth, Vice-President of Development and Communications, Indian Land
Tenure Foundation

Allyson Bouldon, Vice-President and Chief Compliance Officer, Chiquita Brands

Jacqueline Byrd, President, Creatrix
Richard Copeland, Chairman/Owner, Thor Construction
Professor William Henderson, Indiana University- Mauer School of Law
Val Jensen, Executive Director, Twin Cities Diversity in Practice
Bob Seng, Associate General Counsel, Target
Mary Cullen Yeager, Assistant General Counsel, Global Litigation and Dispute
Resolution, 3M

“I believe Sapientia has a unique chance to shape the evolution of law practice in the Twin Cities and beyond.  Their diversity adds to our landscape and can strengthen the bar.   As a consumer of legal services, it is in my best interest to see them succeed.” explains Bob Seng regarding his willingness to serve on the firm’s board.  Allyson Bouldon adds that she sees value in serving on Sapientia’s Board because it “presents an opportunity to devote thought to current legal services models and how these models can continue to grow and evolve over time.”

One year ago, Sapientia was formed by a team of experienced and diverse lawyers who purposely left their previous firms for the opportunity to do business differently.   The firm’s founders believe that traditional law firm hierarchies, value systems, compensation models, and emphasis on billable hours limit lawyers’ abilities to creatively, collaboratively, and efficiently solve their clients’ problems.  The founders believe Sapientia’s creative approach to legal practice will lead to happier clients and happier attorneys.

Sapientia is one of the few women and minority-owned law firms of its size in Minnesota and the Midwest.   This group of professionals has a unique multi-cultural composition from African American, Asian American, Caucasian, Latino, and Native American backgrounds.  The Midwest Minority Supplier Development Council recently recognized this diversity and certified Sapientia as a “Minority Business Enterprise”.

The firm’s 10 attorneys—many of whom are local bar leaders and have been recognized as “Up-and-Coming Attorneys” in the community— have a broad range of legal experience spanning from two years to thirty years.  The Sapientia team includes attorneys Jonathan A. Strauss, Lori D. Semke, Chris E. Royal, Sarah Oquist, Diana Young Morrissey,  Sonia Miller-Van Oort,  Matthew J. McClenahan, Kenn H. Fukuda, Lorenz (Larry) Fett, and Jeffrey C. Brown.  This growing law firm provides legal representation and consulting services in business transactions and litigation, product liability matters,  employment litigation, real estate, intellectual property, estate planning, trusts and probate, government relations, and executive coaching.


About Sapientia Law Group:

“Sapientia” means wisdom in Latin.  The unusual firm name embodies the firm’s conviction that there is value in learning from traditional law practices, and wisdom in adapting and improving upon those practices.  The firm’s name also captures its belief that the collective wisdom of Sapientia’s diverse attorney team provides extraordinary value to clients – at no additional cost.   For more information, visit

Media Contact:    Sonia Miller-Van Oort