Sarah Oquist speaks at community forum, “Race Matters: Navigating Privilege & Bias”

In the community forum, “Race Matters: Navigating Privilege & Bias”, Sarah Oquist was invited to discuss how privilege and bias have impacted her life and how she helps her family handle these issues. Sarah shared examples of what has happened and how she applies her values-based model to guide her responses. She shared her views on reducing discrimination as well as responded to many questions about “what” to do and “how” to handle difficult situations involving racial bias.

Sarah Oquist is a business advisor, executive coach & corporate attorney. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Sapientia Law Group. She is also Board Chair for Woodlands National Bank and sits on the board of directors for several other companies. Prior to Sapientia, Sarah served as CEO/Board Chair for a quarter-billion dollar conglomerate. Sarah is passionate about and speaks on various topics including the importance of diversity & inclusion, vulnerable leadership, emotional empowerment, and values-based decision-making. She is married with three children.