Sarah Oquist to speak at Brightsmith Thinking Workshop: “Practicing the Uncomfortable.”

On June 4th, Sapientia attorney Sarah Oquist will use storytelling and small group work to illustrate how preparing for certain situations can make uncomfortable conversations much more comfortable.

Brightsmith’s Thinking Workshop will be held 45 minutes south of the Twin Cites at Golden Oak Farm. The workshop includes two additional sessions: religious literacy by religious studies scholar Trish Beckman and creativity by musicologist Andrew Flory. Attorneys will receive two elimination-of-bias CLE credits for attending.

Sarah Oquist is a business advisor, executive coach and corporate attorney. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Sapientia Law Group. She is passionate about and speaks on various topics including the importance of diversity & inclusion, vulnerable leadership, emotional empowerment, and value-based decision-making.

Founded by Sapientia attorney Amy Gernon, Brightsmith is made up of professionals and academics who provide the tools and methods to make smart people smarter together. Through small group work, Brightsmithers help participants discover ways to think critically, solve issues creatively and collaborate more effectively.