Star Tribune features shine light on effective autism treatment, and on attorney Amy Dawson’s court battle to end inequality for low-income children who have autism.

In a two-part, in-depth series, the Star Tribune delved into the debate over effective treatments for children with autism spectrum disorder and about the state’s inconsistent approach to paying for those treatments for children covered under Medical Assistance.  Sapientia Law Group attorney Amy Dawson is featured along with her son Mac Dawson-Moore, who has benefitted from an intensive type of treatment known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or Intensive Early Intervention Behavior Therapy (IEIBT).  Dawson, the founder of the Autism Advocacy and Law Center (, has also represented families experiencing the challenges of obtaining coverage under the state’s Medical Assistance program for these treatments.

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Part 1 – “Autism’s $100,000 question,” Star Tribune, April 3, 2011, story by Maura Lerner:

Part 2 – “Autism’s $100,000 question — Kids with autism face double standard,” Star Tribune, April 4, 2011, story by Maura Lerner:

The April 3rd issue of Star Tribune includes an article highlighting the success Amy Dawson’s son Mac has seen with ABA treatment: “Intensity, then progress,” Star Tribune, April 3, 2011, story by Maura Lerner:

The Star Tribune article “Judge:  Minnesota ‘inconsistent’ on autism care,” April 6, 2011, story by Maura Lerner, can be read at: