Sonia Miller-Van Oort featured on cover of Hennepin Lawyer with other past HCBA women presidents for discussion on gender and law

In its March/April 2020 edition, Hennepin Lawyer magazine featured past HCBA women presidents, including Sapientia’s President, Sonia Miller-Van Oort, for a roundtable discussion on gender and the law and their experiences as women leaders in the profession. A myriad of topics were covered, ranging from the paths the past presidents took that brought them to the law and challenges they faced to leadership in the bar. Sonia served as HCBA President from 2007–2008.

Responding to the topic of work-life balance, Sonia explained, “[I]f you don’t like the rules, change them – so I’ve changed them.” And she has indeed, and not just with work-life balance.  Sonia and the other founding attorneys created a firm that never stops improving and adapting through the creation of an Innovation Advisory Board, significant use of alternative fee arrangements that encourage collaboration among firm attorneys and clients, implementation of a client satisfaction feedback system, and the active promotion of diversity and inclusion in the law. These are only some of the many ways that Sonia has used her leadership skills to foster change in the legal industry and build a law firm that refuses to follow the traditional law firm rules.

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